Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Tummy is rumbling... another day gone by...

I am so incredibly hungry right now.. my tummy is turning inside out.. all I ate today was umm.. a piece of toast this morning and a sushi roll all till now.. oh yeah and I had a café mocha and an English breakfast tea with soy milk before I got home.. so basically till now I haven’t really ate any thing! and I have no food to eat at the moment.. Except from hmm.. Noodles, (which I don’t feel like), confectionary lollies, and yeah… omg OMG so friken hungry I cant study.. and I have a website due tomorrow.. arghh im getting distracted by cone right now…. She loves me and I love her… WAIT actually she doesn’t love me she loves AHEM ***** I’m not sure if I should say eheheheh cone just seriously made my day.. you know how???? By saying this to me…. “don’t worry I’ll get a bazooka and crack him” man that’s the sweetest thing I recall her ever saying to me PWAHAHHA funny woman.. that some funnt sheit! ~~~ Me and cone go way, way, wayyyyyy back ehehe I’ve had so many weird and extraordinary moments with this byatch… ahhaha.. she thinks I go floppy when I get tired and stuff and then she takes advantage of it and abuses me! Pushing me around and stuff PWAHHA *Kimmie puts up her fist and says “wanna fight bitch???” eheheheehehehe I swear man I remember back in the days when we would just go to karaoke just me and her… why cone?? Why?? Ahaha our little secrete..! and like cone is like my best friend that can only talk to me about my random things that I usually go on, and on about.. Seriously.. I have my moods where I just talk about really random stuff… like really random and cone is the only person that ever listens to me and contributes to my conversations! For EXAMPLE: I would be like “cone don’t you think that building looks cool” she would be like “yeahhh, its is.. do you ever wonder how they built it?” and it goes on and on… most people just ignore me…! But cone has the decency to listen awww… cone thanks babes!!! Ehehe.. OMIGOSH where is my food I AM HUNGRY!! I better go do some studies or else I’ll end up cleaning toilets when I’m older ahahaha (as Connie would say) *PEACE OUT*

[ still trying… *SIGH* ]


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