Wednesday, November 23, 2005

So I’m sitting here waiting for the teacher to hurry his ass up and check my web-site before I submit it....... I’ve been thinking a lot in the past 15 minutes.. Seriously I have... i just came to the conclusion and solution to something.... *SIGH* my lord... ~~~~~~ my whole life ok maybe not my whole life but I have been waiting.. and hoping... wishing for things... dreaming... and "wanting" my gosh, I should get a move on already... right know I feel a lot of anger and I don’t exactly know why.. everything should be right, Right? But it isn’t I feel that there is something replacing my happiness with some evil curse that’s come upon me... gosh when can I just live that perfect life I’ve long for my oh my... I feel like shit at this very moment I..

[ PAUSED ] ~~~ got to see the teacher....

Back.... FCUK... I’ll write when I’m home.. left... TIME: 4:29pm ~~~

okies its now 4:34pm... and im saving all my work and going to go home.. the weather is sheit and i want to be home.. ahh home is such a sacred place to be.. my room is a sanctuary place to be gosh i miss it, i want to be there now.. OOOhh but NOooo Mz moniffah is dragging me for another coffee BUT im hungry, havent really had anything to eat all day and im bugged... goshh my second one of the day wait actually i had an English breakfast tea with my "soy" this morning so i guess thats okies.. I'll just now complain about the friken weather... COLD, COLD, COLD.... i think i should get something to eat. Got to go nows and submit work, about friken time! gosh! man i have mentioned the word "GOSH" and "FRIKEN" alot.. any hoo I'll write later when im home... left.... TIME: 4:37pm ~~

TIME: 11:45pm [ U HAVE NO CLUE ] ~~~ *SIGH*

Well I have been studying since I got home till now. I’m so tired my eyes are going blind.. And worst of all.. I’m hungry!!!!!! But so tired to make food.. so I decided to give my self a break and sit here write this blog entry then watch some anime currently watching “My Hime”… man what a day I’m so exhausted.. So much work I have to do gosh… ahh I don’t have the motivation to do any thing at this point… life is so crap!!!! I want TO BE SPONTANEOUS!!!!! Man I have always believed in all that “live life to the fullest” and be Spontaneous and stuff but right now OMFG my life is far from it!!!!! I HATE EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW… gosh I feel so friken frustrated right now.. WHY? Aggrhhh I don’t know exactly why.. no wait I think I might have a fair reason why… hmm… I’m frustrated coz its so fudgen hard for me to turn things normal.. do a complete 360 degree turn and become normal like wtf why is it so hard for me to do gosh. GROW UP KIM. I just don’t have that kind of power. To be all normal and act like... im feeling noxious ~~ *SIGH* I wish I did… how do you do it?! tell me how?! i desperately need to know...... does it like come second nature to u?! im pmsing. When the fudge am I going to stop *SIGHING* freak me dead… im making no sense what so ever ay??! i dont know what im thinking, i think thats my cue to go now. *SIGHS* ~~~ I better click onto my anime now... *IM OUT*


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