Monday, November 21, 2005

Possessive or Obsessed?

When can u officially say to some one that their being to possessive or obsessed?

How can you tell? Ok the way I see it.. if you care about somebody so deeply it doesn’t matter what it takes you would actually go with that feeling and stick by them and fight for what you feel is right? Right? Or is that wrong in doing so?. But not letting them do things that they wish to do and not giving them there freedom to do as they please that’s when being possessive comes in.. The truth about me? If I love you.. “I love you…” LOVE isn’t a word I through around.. you know what’s funny at the same time I know it’s a really rare feeling to come across towards somebody and when it does its something that you should hold on to.. but then again I hate that word I’ve tried to avoid it before. I learnt the hard way you can’t avoid it… WHY? Coz boi oh boi it’s an ultimate feeling to encounter but then it sux’s coz… ahhh… I’m not even going to explain….No matter in what way it is, the love that I give I will never get back.. If I hand my heart out to you it’s yours to keep and if u choose not to keep it, it’s your decision so do as you please… I wish for many things right now.. Many things…. but if you add all these many things, it adds up to the one thing, to the one person…..

*SIGH* only if you could just…... *SIGH* just only….. *SIGH* just once…. *SIGH* ahhh…

Kimberley’s out…

*tooodlles coooodles* ~~~~ * trying to keep up with you.... :) *


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